Reformation: the sustainable LA clothing brand that doesn't sacrifice style

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Reformation is a Los Angeles clothing brand that reconciles style and sustainability. 

Created in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, Reformation designs and manufactures limited-edition collections from their factory in downtown Los Angeles.  By minimizing intermediate steps that would otherwise increase costs and by internalizing their manufacturing process from creation to distribution, the company manages to incorporate better practices and eliminate the need for traditional distribution methods. 

Reformation uses vintage clothing and eco fabrics, incorporates renewable energy in their manufacturing process, and attempts to recycle as much as is humanly possible, from hangers to materials used for shipments. They invest in green infrastructure to minimize waste, water disparity, and energy usage. In short, the company is eco-friendly on all levels. 

Their mission is to increase awareness of the impact fashion can have on the environment and, in their own words, to "lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable."

The creation process is focused on what buyers signal they most want to wear. A simple sketch can become an outfit in less than a month. Their clothing lines are manufactured from three distinct types of material:

1) New, sustainable fabrics

2) Second-hand vintage clothing

3) Fabrics retrieved from stocks of other brands that have made excessive orders

They go as far as making sure to release products for women of all sizes, from plus to petite.

Reformation truly reconciles their fresh and trendy collections with a Los Angeles touch: green fashion

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