10 of the most Talented Designers you need to Follow on Instagram

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Bold, rich, and timeless. This is how the Colombian designer describes her style. Drawing inspiration from her homeland, she works closely with local artisans creating some of the finest bijoux we've seen. Instagram: @paulamendozajewelry



A New Yorker at heart, this designer launched her first collection back in 2007 working from her apartment in Brooklyn. Focused on sustainability and local production, the creative cleverly mixes rock and Gothic styles...Instagram: @pamelalove



Born in Paris but raised Columbian, this creative merges European sophistication with traditional Colombian manufacturing. This designer’s speciality lies in watermark bracelets and earrings that have recently reached great success.Instagram: @mallarino



A Parisian designer specialized in sculpture jewelry, Michelson collaborated with many French brands before launching her own personal collection that, with help from Carine Roitfield, has been hugely successful. Instagram: @annelisemichelson



Geometric shapes and colors are the hallmarks of this Londoner, combining some of the most unusual objects with luxury design models. All her jewelry is handcrafted and made from resin, plexiglass, and personalized with precious stones and gold. Instagram: @lilykamper



Using 14kt gold jewelry and precious stones, Lou adds a playful touch to her products with her use of modern slang terms and acronyms, and even manufactures rings decorated with emoticons. Instagram: @alisonlou



Born and raised in Los Angeles but currently living in London, this designer’s signature style lies in precious stones. Drawing inspiration from her studies in astronomy and summoning her knowledge of textiles and geology, Gregson uses hand-woven silk combined with golds, diamonds, or semi-precious gems to make breathtaking bracelets and necklaces that can be worn alone or in combination. All her jewelry is handmade by master jewelers in London and Los Angeles, using high quality materials, extreme care and attention to detail. Instagram: @brookegregson



Her jewelry line founded in 2008, Deve is slowly becoming a star in her field, receiving acknowledgements from most fashion magazines. Self-taught, her creations are intriguing and innovative. Her cult pieces are fashioned following a very traditional approach with a flavour of the future using 3D technology. Deve shrewdly combines classicism and futurism and her works pays tribute to mythology and art. Instagram: @estelledeve



After numerous collaborations, Askill launched his own collection back in 2010, taking a more conceptual approach. His works combine older and more traditional processing methods with futuristic ones, like his simultaneous use of a 3D printer and hand-carved crystals. Instagram: @jordanaskill



Brazilian by birth with a Fine Arts degree tucked under her belt, Khouri lives and works in New York. While she does not launch her own collections, Khouri’s jewelry is considered high fashion and is almost always exclusive. What sets her products apart are their simplicity and natural beauty, modeled after women’s bodies. Instagram: @anakhouri

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