ALLMAZING is an online platform that organizes contests supported by prestigious brands. Its goal is to highlight the best international creative talents able to propose original and innovative projects regarding beauty, fashion and design. Each contest is set to be launched on the web where it will be promoted by the press and social media. The blogosphere will then initiate the selection process. Allmazing is an incredible shared creative experience.


CREATIVES : you have the talent! Whether a professional designer or inspired amateur, you are welcomed to participate and amaze us with your ideas. Creativity has no boundaries, and our contests are open to everybody. Allmazing’s aim is to give every keen contender an equal chance to win, so give the best you can!

BRANDS : Open your creative process to new horizons. Whether brands, retailers, or industrial players: give your projects a fresh new style by involving creatives that are looking for the opportunity to express themselves. Through Allmazing you can become a  key player in supporting up and rising individuals.

This interactive initiative will be well advertized on all media networks, increasing visibility for a win win partnership. You are the perfect partner, we are your voice.


FOLLOWERS: Follow the adventure! Anyone and everyone who is curious, creative, and visionary are welcomed to follow our contests. You are the people who share our vision of an Allmazing world. We look forward to meeting a fantastic community!


Katia De Martino, fondatrice

ALLMAZING was born from the intuition of Katia De Martino, an Italian-French manager who is convinced that the internet is a fantastic tool that can provide an opportunity for creative people to express original ideas. That inspiration can multiply by limitless sharing.  Allmazing is her second business venture, after having created a successful company, Essentia Beauty, twenty years ago. Essentia Beauty offers a full range of services to retailers in the creation and production of fragrances and cosmetics, while always providing the company’s clients with value added creative ideas.


Simona Ghinassi, Chief editor

Simona has been working for years in the world of fashion and accessories, from fashion editor to jewelry designer. Following her insatiable curiosity has led to new ideas that enrich the areas in which she works. Her passions, ranging from film to music, art and food, create a wealth of experience and knowledge that enables her to make new discoveries and qualifies her as an expert on the variety of creativity that Allmazing promotes.


Allmazing benefits from the advice and support of experienced professionals in various fields (design, fashion, marketing, publishing). It is their expertise that make the entire selection and planning process happen.

Allmazing has joined Adi Design to protect the published creations of the participants.