Allmazing is a crowdsourcing platform that connects businesses and brands with designers via creative contests. 

The aim is to grow new talent and give creative expression to anyone wanting to participate in the world of beauty, fashion and design.

Every contest will be promoted online through the Allmazing social channel, our community hub, without precluding opportunities for offline involvement.

Allmazing boasts an impressive pool of talent and a solid rapport with its members built over years of collaboration with schools and universities across Europe.


CREATIVES : Our contests are open to everyone: students, designers or those who simply have a passion and an itch to create. Creativity can come from all kinds of places. We can’t wait to hear about your amazing ideas. Follow us on social media for updates on new contests and surprise us with your revolutionary proposals. Sign up and participation in our contests is free.

What are you waiting for? You could be the next winner.

BRANDS : Are you in search of a new ideas or direction? Do you want to increase visibility, community involvement and awareness of your brand online? Accomplish all of this by hosting a contest with Allmazing. We can help you organize based on your brand goals.

Consult with our page to discover information about our offerings and logistics.



Katia De Martino, fondatrice

ALLMAZING was born from the intuition of Katia De Martino, an Italian-French manager who is convinced that the internet is a fantastic tool that can provide an opportunity for creative people to express original ideas. That inspiration can multiply by limitless sharing.  Allmazing is her second business venture, after having created a successful company, Essentia Beauty, twenty years ago. Essentia Beauty offers a full range of services to retailers in the creation and production of fragrances and cosmetics, while always providing the company’s clients with value added creative ideas.



Allmazing offers support for all businesses/brands in choosing a project, and offers expert consulting and strategies by professionals in design, fashion, packaging, marketing and media.

For creatives, projects are also a valid opportunity for growth thanks to community feedback and networking. 

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