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Francesca Versace

Fashion designer
Francesca Versace is a designer born and raised in Milan, Italy. After graduating from the fashion design programme of the prestigious Central St. Martins College in London, she began collaborating with various prestigious fashion brands. In 2016, she launched her renowned luxury handbags line: f.e.v. Not only does she have great talent, but an big heart too. Francesca is very committed to helping those in need and passionately supports many charity events and projects. She now lives in London with her family.

Sofia Steffenoni

Co-founder and co-director of Matter of Stuff
Sofia is co-founder and co-director of Matter of Stuff. She is a London-based Architect and curator. Born and raised in Venice, she has always been inspired by the art of glass blowing and other crafts associated with her city. From her early years, she has devoted her attention to both architecture and her interest in photography, making and art. This has continued through her time as an Architect at Acme, FOA and 3xn as well as work with the photographer Claudio Abate. These experiences have moulded her passion for the world of design and making. She is constantly searching for the next incredible manufacturer or designer and potential collaborations.


Fashion&Design Web Editor
I'm a professional journalist with a weakness for fashion and image culture. Writing about it is a natural consequence. Increasingly convinced that today, it is the How and not the How much that makes the difference.


History and perfumery of the 20th century specialist
Historian, technical & legal advisor and spokesman for the luxury fragrance industry, JMMH has turned an early passion into a vocation as guardian of the memory of an heritage that consists of artworks from traditional craftmanship to noble materials. JMMH is a key player in the world of luxury. He stands out as an expert at the Versailles Court of Appeals and organizer of specialized auctions relating to perfumery and beauty objects of the 1880-1950 era. Furthermore, he is the author of world-renowned books on perfumery brands and beauty items like "Isabey", "Caron", "Lèvres de Luxe".


Communication and strategy Expert
After obtaining degrees in economics from Bocconi University and London School of Economics, Sara started her career at the United Nations in Geneva where she held positions in international strategy, concentrating on the development of human resources in various companies such as ST Microelectronics, Suez, Rhodia and Lafarge. Sara was appointed at the latter company in 2008 as a communications director and member of the Executive Committee. In 2010, she began working for L'Oréal as Director of Communications, Sustainable Development, and Public Affairs. She was then promoted as a member of the Executive Committee, and in 2012 moved on to be a General Manager of the Foundation L'Oréal. After taking a year off, Sara spends her time advising different boards as well as operating as business angel and volunteer.

Anne Camilli

Talent Scout and Founder Ag. Anne Canilli&Cie
Back in 2006, Anne Camilli founded Anne Camilli & Cie Talents Discoverer. The company is built around a charismatic and creative team of artists, designers, architects, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, perfumers, writers, and even researchers. Their purpose is to imagine and conceive an innovative and new project “à la Carte" , intended for brands and companies. In 2014, she founded the ‘Musée à la Carte’: an original concept of cultural development and communication tailored for brands, industries, associations, trade fairs and cultural institutions. Anne provides the concept, art direction, the museum design, overall manageds almost all designs. Intuitive, intelligent, passionate about arts and crafts, Anne Camilli loves contributing to the cultural radiance of the French ‘savoir faire’.


Fashion and Web Editor
Cosmopolitan Italia fashion editor and web editor, Sara began her career as a beauty journalist, working with Italy’s leading women magazines. While her passions lie mainly in fashion and design, she has a weak spot for food and wine. Although living in Milan, she is an ’emiliana’ at heart.


Eyewear Designer
Once she received the degree in fashion design, she kicked off her career making hats. After her first internship at Dior, she began working independently for Paris Opera and Chanel’s atelier. One thing led to another, and in 2010 she began designing glasses. In 2012 she founded Gipsy Caravan, and collaborated in collections with Michel Klein and Swildens. She has also done freelance work with Sensee, Paule Ka, Emmanuelle KHANH, ULTRA + SUPRA, and Jagger. She believes that her sunglasses designs to be more creative and eccentric than other competitors, and her eyesight glasses to be more “ready to wear.”


Jewellery designer
Daughter of an antique jewelry collector, Susanna has cultivated an ever-growing passion and attraction for gemstones and metals since her early childhood. In the midst of her travels and studies of art and fashion, she discovered yet another passion: history and ancient customs. After working within her family-owned company, she did a 180 turn and founded ‘Thot Jewels’ in 2010. Inspired by her passion for antique beauty, her jewels evoke the splendor of cathedrals, basilicas and palaces. They are real essentially wearable architectural. Her perfectionist nature applies equally on the quality of her products, guaranteed by an exclusive collaboration with Italian goldsmith craftsmen and the use of unique vintage materials


Luxury Packaging Developer
Laura's decades of professional experience in both Italian and multinational companies and her years as a dedicated package design planner for major leaders in luxury and beauty fields truly help her shine in today's competitive world. For over ten years, she has been working as a talented freelance package designer and an astounding communicator below the line.