Seven Iconic bracelets that made history

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1.Juste un Clou

“Just a nail.”  A simple yet sophisticated idea. A nail reshaped, repurposed. The genius behind the bracelet is Neapolitan designer Aldo Cipullo, who now lives in New York. The bijoux became a cult piece in the 70’s French fashion house. Inspired by the New York 70’s, the bracelet proves itself to be timeless and refined, while at the same time bold enough to be noticed. The piece even makes its own political statement, by consolidating the notions of wealth and poverty. A must-have.


2.Cartier’s “Love Bracelet”

Dating back to 1969, and also created by Aldo Cipullo,  Cartier’s Love Bracelet has proven to be another timeless fashion house emblem. Inspired by the chastity belt, the bracelet is a symbol of love and fidelity, contrasting the libertine culture of the time. A must-give.


3. Panthère di Cartier

The fascination with the Panthère line began back in 1914, when George Barbier painted a canvas as an invite to a jewelry boutique exhibition in rue de la Paix in Paris. The Dame à Panthère portrays a elegantly dressed woman with a panther at her feet. The painting was extremely successful, and Cartier decided to use the feline design as a symbol of femininity in their world-famous collection. The company first began experimenting by making Panthère watches, and then moved on to bracelets. Finally, in 1933, thanks to creative director Jeanne Toussaint’s great diligence, the Panthère collection started its reign as the emblem of the fashion house it is today. In 1952, the Duchess of Windsor, elegant fashion celebrity of her period, purchased the first fully articulated panther bracelet. The article bound to the duchess’ wrist became a symbol of desire, and is still to this day a major fashion trendsetter.


4. Bulgari Serpenti

Ornament and talisman simultaneously, and symbol of wisdom, vitality, and rebirth, the serpent design is very popular amongst jewelers for its sinuous form. Bulgari was the first to use the serpent as a watch-bracelet in its Tubogas chain back in the forties. It was a fashion house hallmark, meticulously handcrafted from excellent goldsmiths able to reproduce the reptile’s scales with precious stones, with its head representing the clock’s face. When Elizabeth Taylor wore the piece in the award-winning film Cleopatra, she helped promote the precious serpent to the status of icon, and the article became synonym with Bulgari jewelry.

5. Gucci Horsebit

The horse bit is an iconic symbol for Gucci. Introduced as a decorative element in the fifties, it acts as a piece of nostalgia for the equestrian tradition in Florentine high society. It became an emblem of the fashion house, and inspired the then director Frida Giannini to create a new collection of precious jewels, with the horse bit bracelet as its flagship.


6. Van Cleef & Arpels’ Egyptian Bracelets

This Egyptian mythology inspired masterpiece dates back to the 1920’s, following the trend right after Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in 1922. A beautiful emerald, ruby, and diamond encrusted gold belt bracelet consisting of six plates, three large and three small, depicting scenes of offerings and hieroglyphics. The piece was modified and changed over the years in various decorative motifs. 


7. Chaine d’Ancre Bracelet from Hermes

The idea began with a calm, everyday walk by the sea at Cannes, where Monsieur Dumas, son of Emile Hermes, noticed a simple anchor chain and drew it in his notebook. Today, it is seen as being a major part of the history of jewelry. It is the perfect day bracelet, embodying the

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