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Back in 2007 in Philadelphia, two designers, Anna Bario and Page Neal, founded the company of Bario Neal

The metal industry and the methods of procurement of precious stones has always been a point of interest for Bario Neal. The duo decided to launch a timeless jewelry line to promote traceability, transparency, and ethics. But they don't stop there. Bario Neal have shown passion and support for same-sex marriage, so it comes as no surprise that many of their cult pieces are wedding rings for every kind of engagement. 

"As a small company, we have the freedom to innovate according to our design vision and our ethical commitments. We use this flexibility to try out new materials and sources, branch into new projects that reflect our evolving interests, and advocate for both global and local causes. We donate a percentage of our profits to many environmental and social justice organizations."  

All jewelry is handmade in their store, where their clients can get custom made products, in addition to their pre-made collections, in their open workshop. 

Bario Neal works with silver, gold, palladium, platinum, diamonds, and semi-precious stones. All these materials and stones are ethically sourced, 100% reclaimed, and their gold pieces are aquired from Fairmined Gold whenever possible. The Fairmined Gold certification guarantees that: the gold was extracted ethically and without use of mercury, and it must come from artisans or small groups of certified miners. Strict environmental, labor, social, and economic laws are strongly enforced. Fair wages and safe working environments are a must.  

Bario Neal's blog highlights the industry's deep connection with ethically sourced raw materials as well as the causes they support.  

Their wedding rings and enamel bracelets are truly breathtaking. You have to see it to believe it.  




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