Create a new lipstick for Essentia Beauty

Essentia Beauty invites you to design the brand new lipstick concept 

The purpose of this contest is to put forward an innovative packaging or even a brand new concept.

Unleash your creativity and your fantasy, send us the most amazing project, and be the next winner! 

The innovation can concern the primary packaging or the concept of the product: new applicators, new ways of use or functionality,  ... your task is to unleash your imagination!

The only limit is linked to the feasibility of production / realization

The goal is to propose a new packaging or concept.

You have until March 04 2019  to upload your project

Read the brief and the Terms & Conditions carefully in the brief section.


awards for the first 3 projects

Essentia Beauty offers: 2000€ for the 1st project, 500€ for the 2nd project and  500€ for the third project